Termite Wichita

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Termite Wichita


Termite Wichita

Hiring a professional termite Wichita company is essential when these small insects, listed as the primary cause of home damage in the world, start eating down your house. If you are living in an area that might be predisposed to termites, you need to be extremely considerate towards preventing them from invading your treasured shelter, and not taking proper action on time can lead you to undesired outcomes that will cost you thousands of dollars. Once your house is invaded by termites, you will automatically need to call a pest control service that can help you make your home a safe and comfortable place again. Having been working in this industry for many years, Pest Control Pro’s Wichita delivers excelling services that will successfully exceed your expectations, efficiently removing all termites from your home in the shortest time.

By choosing Pest Control Pro’s Wichita, you are ensured of the best termite treatment for your house in town, which comes at very competitive prices. With us, you do not have to worry about paying expensive reparation services for the damages caused by those annoying pests, because we will immediately eliminate them from your home, thus preventing any potential expense that might add up to your monthly bills. We take pride in the efficiency of our pest control services, which are delivered in a simple, non-invasive way that will never endanger your home in any way.

Moreover, we use only those tools and equipment that is 100 percent safe, never attempting to harm your family or your most treasured asset – your home. Depending upon how serious the termite Wichita invasion is, we might use different pest control methods to eliminate it, but regardless of the one we choose, you can always be at peace, knowing that a professional company with many years of experience in the field is working for you.

Keep in mind that termites can be very threatening to your family’s safety, which is why you should call Pest Control Pro’s Wichita as soon as you discover them in your home. With thousands of happy customers under our belt, we put your satisfaction above anything else, expertly guiding you throughout the whole process. Our professionals will perform a thorough verification of the termites current invasion severity, implementing an efficient solution to get rid of it thereafter.

Get in touch with us right now and talk to one of our experts. We are always glad to promptly answer your inquiries, providing fast, detailed answers that can help you see why choosing Pest Control Pro’s Wichita will be the best way to get rid of termites. Always remember that our qualified workers have the responsibility to keep you up-to-date as the process progresses, so you can know whether the termites in Wichita have gone away, or how long it will take them to. We need only a  couple hours up to a few days, depending on severity of the invasion to successfully get rid of these pests. Because we use the most advanced products and tools, we provide the expected results you deserve in a timely manner. Rely on our experience and abilities, and you will never be disappointed – we promise that.


Termites cause billions of dollars annually in the USA alone. Cost runs into trillions world-wide. The bad news is that there is no insurance against termite infestation treatment or restitution. Look for these six primary termite warning signs.

Firstly, see if there are any live termites.Termites may be found in cavities. While termites can attack any cellulosic material, older, softer wood and timbers are more vulnerable. Buckled or blistered paintwork which demonstrates soft timber it covers if gently prodded, goes hand in hand here and is also an indicator.

Secondly, swarming alates. When a termite nest usually reaches two to three hundred thousand or a million termite individuals in the case of formosan subterranean termites, worker or soldiers termites grow wings pair off and leave the termite nest to start new colonies. Also called reproductives, alates leave their nest in their hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands during the first warmer days of spring.

Thirdly, alate wings. Alate wings drop off soon after they have flown from the nest (they de-alate). Because alates are attracted to light and congregate together, the wings usually gather in one spot such as on a window-sill.

Fourthly, see if you can find any mud tunnels. Termites require dark, moist and humid environments to survive. Made of termite grit, spit and excrement, connecting mud tunnels enable termites to cross open terrain. These tunnels are also called galleries and are usually found at a building’s foundations running in lines up walls.

Fifthly, termite frass. This is termite excrement which looks a bit like tin wood shavings and can form in small piles usually also near a building’s foundations or where the floor meets a wall.

Sixthly, carefully examine any discolored and hollowed out timbers. Wood and timber that is visibly discolored and dirty looking or hollowed out may indicate a termite infestation.

If you discover any of the above indicators at your home your best assurance is to obtain a professional termite inspection. Termite indicators can at times be very difficult to spot. Sometimes even the professionals have trouble, so even if you only suspect something, obtain a professional termite inspection.

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